Past Honors Theses

Honors Theses 2024

  • Dagger Bishop '24
  • Nasality, nasalance, and other sociophonetic correlates of "gay-sounding" speech: Methods and empirical research

Honors Theses 2023

  • Gabriel Gilbert '23
    Directionals in Spoken Hawaiian: A Corpus Analysis
  • Sarah Karnes '23
    Automatic Parsing of Polynesian Languages: A Case Study in Cook Islands Māori
  • Abigail Schaefer '23
    The Low-Back Merger Vowel Shift and Other Features of Southern New Hampshire English
  • George Stain '23
    Bl[æ]ck [ɔ]lbany: A Sociolinguistic study of African American English in Albany, NY

Honors Theses 2022

  • Akiah Watts '22
    Interaction Between AAVE and Colorism in Attitudinal Judgments of African Americans
  • Brandon Zhou '22
    English Phonology for Cantonese L1 Learners: A Maximum Entropy Model

Honors Theses 2021

  • Lucas James '21
    Instruments of Communcation: Towards a Typology of Speech Surrogates
  • Katie McCabe '21
    'Do you know them?' Factors Affecting Speaker Production and Perception of Non-Binary They/Them

Honors Theses 2020

  • Jessica Campanile '20
    Putting Pain into Words: An investigation of health-related conversation using corpus linguistics methods


Honors Theses 2019

  • Sarah Gupta '19 
    Exploring automated methods of coding rhoticity using deep learning
  • Isabelle Strong '19
    An acoustic sociophonetic study of dialect changes in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom: a study of Vermont's last frontier


Honors Theses 2018

  • Anissa Gladney '18
    Prosodic hallmarks of verbal art in Black English
  • Emily Grabowski '18
    Tone and voice quality in Santo Domingo Albarradas Zapotec
  • Jennifer Kuo '18
    A large-scale smartphone-based study of dialect variation in Taiwan Mandarin

Honors Theses 2017

  • Maggie Baird '18 
    Variable Word-Final Vowel Deletion and Reduction in Gurmancema: A Maximum Entropy Model

Honors Theses 2016

  • Anna Driscoll '16
    Cold Winters, Flat A's: Linguistics, Geography, and the Northern Cities Shift in Syracuse
  • Grant Schutzman '16
    Tense and Aspect in Mru
  • Alexandra di Suvero '16
    Vietnamese Discourse Markers

Honors Theses 2015

  • Alexa Dixon '15
    A sociophonetic analysis of Cherokee Sound, Bahamas

Honors Theses 2014

  • Abigail Bard '14
    Periphery cubed: Breaking down the linguistic homogeneity of Japan, from the nation-state to the outlying island
  • Gabriela Meade '14
    Homonym processing in monolingual and bilingual brains: An ERP study
  • Ian Stewart '14
    African American English Syntax in Twitter

Honors Theses 2012

  • Kenneth Baclawski '12
    Deictic elements in Hyow and Kuki-Chin
  • Zachary De '12
    Shared experience: A sociophonetic and ethnographic study of gay-sounding speech
  • Kayla Gebeck '12
    Traditional subsistence practices: An interactive model for cultural education and natural language acquisition
  • Elizabeth Salesky '12
    A current analysis of unsupervised morphological induction models
  • Natalie Schrimpf '12
    An acoustic sociophonetic analysis of Middle Tennessee English dialect features across different social groups
  • Anna Niedbala '12
    Immersion versus instruction: Testing the acquisition of native-like language ability in college students of German

Honors Theses 2011

  • John T.  M. Merrill '11
    Valence-changing Extensions in Herero
  • Suzanne C. Parker '11 
    The Neurobiology of Meditation: Cultivating Interpersonal Attunement through Mindfulness
  • Stefan D. Uddenberg '11     
    The Influence of Emotion on Perceptual Tuning Curves

Honors Theses 2010

  • Stephanie A. Gagnon '10  
    Distributed Representations of Contextual Processing : A Multi-Voxel Pattern Analysis
  • Benjamin F.T. Jones '10
    Indexical Order in the Rural Dialects of Kumamoto, Japan
  • Rayna C. Levine '10      
    The Effects of Rhythm and Music on Phonetic Memory
  • Kevin J. Miller '10
    A Computational Framework for Learning to Imitate Simple Line Drawings

Honors Theses 2009

  • Christina C. Castedo '09
    Variation and Change in Given Names: An Onomastic Investigation of Three Connecticut Communities
  • Lauren J. Hartz '09
    Accusations and Truth: Reconciling Statement Analysis and Child Discourse
  • Fiona J. Lundie '09
    Emotional Dynamics: An FMRI Study of How the Brain Processes Cross-Modal, Dynamic Representations of Emotion

Honors Theses 2008

  • Travis Green '08
    Nature vs. Nurture: An Initial Computational Analysis
  • Nicholas Williams '08
    Directionals in Mru

Honors Theses 2007

  • Rikker Dockum '04
    A Survey of Thai Monolingual Lexicography

Honors Theses 2006

  • Don R. Daniels '06
    Proto-Sogeramic: Comparative Reconstruction in Central Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Honors Theses 2005

  • Scott Anderson '05
    Stress in Hindi
  • Lindsey Beck '05
    The Role of Pronoun Type and Gender Role in Children's Interpretation and Recall of Written Information
  • Lorraine Ferron '05
    Profs, Peers and Parlance: Evaluations of AAVE- and SAE-Featured Speach in a College Setting
  • Lauren N. Hoehlein '05
    Is Maith an Scealai an Aimsir...: Irish Language Revitalization
  • Mark R. Samco '05
    Neural Correlates of Psychological Attributes Revealed Using Diffusion Tensor Imaging
  • Kevin A. Smith '05
    The Priming of Categories in Analogical Reasoning

Honors Theses 2004

  • Jesse R. Beach '04
    The Morphology of Modern Western Abenaki
  • Rachael L. Degenshein '04
    The Acoustics of Dholuo Interdentals: Implications for Domain-Initial Strengthening
  • Elizabeth E. Gannes '04
    An Assessment of the State of the Hawaiian Language after 20 Years of Revitalization Efforts
  • Peter S.E. Jenks '04
    The Syntax of Thai Quantifier Float: An LFG Perspective

Honors Theses 2003

  • F. John Motsinger III '03
    The Sound of Memory: Prefrontal Lateralization During Encoding of Verbal and Nonverbal Sound

Honors Theses 2002

  • Jennifer L. Conrad '02
    Structuring Oroqen Narrative: The Use of Tense-Aspect Markers
  • Sarah Finck '02
    The Pragmatics Implications of Cleft Constructions in Spoken French
  • Steven M. Lulich '02
    The Phonetics and Phonology of [v] in Contemporary Standard Russian

Honors Theses 2001

  • Michael Friesner '01
    The Representation of French h-aspiré From the Perspective of Loanword Phonology
  • Jessica Penchos '01
    The Relationship Between Language Lateralization and Visual Spatial Skills
  • Murphy Stein '01
    The Eye of the Swarm: Towards Arbitrary Reconfiguration in a Class of 2D Robotic Molecules
  • Laura Vacca '01
    Holding Their Ground? Language Preservation Efforts of the Shuar
  • Elizabeth Walter '01
    Visual Consciousness

Honors Theses 2000

  • Amy Pogoriler '00
    Transitivity and Topicality in Russian Lexical Inversion
  • Amy Tindell '00
    Conscious and Unconscious Cross-form Priming

Honors Theses 1999

  • Cynthia Anderson '99
    Possession in Evenki
  • Laura Gibson '99
    The Mozart Effect
  • Kristin Maczko '99
    A Model of Cortical Reorganization Following Frequency Discrimination Training

Honors Theses 1998

  • Kirsten Henschel '98
    Topic in Japanese: Subordination and the Disappearance of WA
  • Jeffrey Kohn '98
    Conceptual Change

Honors Theses 1996

  • Justin Cooper '96
    The Syntax of Coordination
  • Devyani Sharma '96
    Code-Switching in the Minimalist Program