Foreign Study

The Department of Linguistics and the Department of Anthropology offer a joint foreign study program in Auckland, New Zealand; the only Dartmouth off-campus program in the South Pacific. Information on the program — for both linguistics and anthropology majors — is available on the website of Dartmouth's Frank J. Guarini Institute for International Education. The director of the FSP is a professor from Dartmouth Anthropology. The students on the linguistics side of the program take courses in Maori Language (LING 8), an Anthropology course on Colonialism (ANTH 51), and a Linguistics course on field linguistics and language documentation (LING 54). LING 8 is taught by a local University of Auckland instructor. ANTH 51 is taught by the Dartmouth FSP director (Anthropology). LING 54 is taught by a Dartmouth Linguistics professor who spends approximately 6 weeks teaching on-site in Auckland with the program. As part of LING 54, Linguistics students and professor spend 7-10 days of hands-on field linguistics experience in an island nation in the South Pacific, such as Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga.

In Winter 2022 the program took place in Hawaii due to disruptions to travel to New Zealand caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Here is a short photo diary from the Winter 2022 Hawaii FSP, with captions in English and Hawaiian provided by students Sarah Jewett '23 and Gabriel Gilbert '23. You can also see a few more photos and learn more about their activities on Gabriel Gilbert's blog for the Admissions Office at:

In Winter 2023 the program returned to Auckland, New Zealand and the field study was in the Cook Islands.  A video from the Winter 2020 program in New Zealand resides on the Anthropology website here.


  • Linguistics 1 (Introductory Linguistics)
  • One linguistics class numbered in the 20's (Linguistics 20-29)