Foreign Study

The Department of Linguistics and the Department of Anthropology offer a joint foreign study program in Auckland, New Zealand; the only Dartmouth off-campus program in the South Pacific. Information on the program — for both linguistics and anthropology majors — is available on the Anthropology website. The director of the FSP is a professor from Dartmouth Anthropology. The students on the linguistics side of the program take courses in Maori Language (LING 8), an Anthropology course on Colonialism (ANTH 51), and a Linguistics course on field linguistics and language documentation (LING 54). LING 8 is taught by a local University of Auckland instructor. ANTH 51 is taught by the Dartmouth FSP director (Anthropology). LING 54 is taught by a Dartmouth Linguistics professor who spends approximately 6 weeks teaching on-site in Auckland with the program. As part of LING 54, Linguistics students and professor spend 7-10 days of hands-on field linguistics experience in an island nation in the South Pacific, such as Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga.


  • Linguistics 1 (Introductory Linguistics)
  • One linguistics class in the 20's (Linguistics 21-26)