Recent Grants

Recent Grants for Faculty Research

  • NSF: David Peterson - "Using the structure of verbal complexes to assess linguistic relationships"
  • NSF: Laura McPherson - "A reference grammar and tonal documentation of Seenku [ISO 639-3 sos]"
  • Dartmouth Scholarly Innovation and Advancement Award: James Stanford - "Sociolinguistic exploration of a matrilineal/matrilocal society in rural southwest China"
  • Leslie Center for the Humanities: Laura McPherson - "The talking xylophone of the Sembla"
  • NSF: David Peterson - "Documentation of Rengmitca (Tibeto-Burman)"
  • NSF: James Stanford (with Kalina Newmark '11 and Nacole Walker '11) - "English dialect features of indigenous people in North America: A cross-continental investigation"
  • NSF: David Peterson - "A workshop on issues in Kuki-Chin linguistics"
  • Neukom Institute CompX Grant: James Stanford and Sravana Reddy - "Toward completely automated vowel extraction" (link to DARLA)
  • Dartmouth Scholarly Innovation and Advancement Award: James Stanford - "Urban dialectology in Boston"
  • Porter Foundation: Lindsay Whaley, David Peterson, James Stanford (with Meghan Topkok '13 and Nicole Kanayurak '13) - "Sustainable communities in the Arctic: The land-language link"
  • Neukom Institute CompX Grant: Lindsay Whaley and James Stanford - "Agent-based modeling of sociolinguistic contact in an emergent system" (YouTube video)
  • NSF: David Peterson - "CAREER: Chittagong Hill Tracts linguistic documentation"