Alumni and their Career Paths

If you are one of our alums, please give us an update on what you are doing.

Class of 2023

  • Lucy Biberman
  • Emma Briskin
  • Samiha Datta
  • Matthew Dempsey
  • Gabriel Gilbert – PhD student in Linguistics, University of Chicago
  • Catharine Jacobsen Herrera
  • Rachel Hsu – Wall Street trader, New York City
  • Damien Solinger Jeffers – Teach America
  • Sarah Jewett
  • Alexander Jones
  • Han Bit (Alexis) Kang – Analyst, IQVIA
  • Pumho Karimi
  • Sarah Karnes – Software development engineer, Amazon
  • Jessica Karson
  • Grace Kwon
  • Julia Levine
  • Jasmine Li
  • Sarah Lou
  • Guadalupe Ortega – PhD student in Feminist Studies, UCSB
  • Katherine Packard
  • Jacob Parker – MA student in Education, Notre Dame
  • Aani Perkins – PhD student in Linguistics, University of British Columbia (beginning 2024)
  • Gabrielle Riddick – QSR Analyst at Restaurant Brands International
  • Angelina Scarlotta – Analyst in Global Marketing division, Goldman Sachs
  • Abigail Schaefer
  • Lucy Ruji Shao – Employee at Bain & Company, Boston
  • George Stain
  • Julia Vold
  • Victoria Xu

Class of 2022

  • Anne Bailey
  • Angela Burns - U. S. Department of Defense
  • Jeho Hahm
  • Max Pivo
  • John Wagner
  • Akiah Watts (double major in Linguistics and Psychology) - Ernst & Young, design strategy, New York City
  • Sarah Wen (Linguistics Modified with Economics) - Boston Consulting Group (BCG), New York City
  • Guhui Zhang - Graduate Program in Data Science at Stanford University
  • Alina Zhang (double major in Linguistics and Economics) - Bank of America, investment banking, New York City
  • Brandon Zhou - Huron Consulting Group, Toronto

Class of 2021

  • Nadia Clement - PhD student in Linguistics, University of Oregon
  • Hayley Divers 
  • Kevin Donohue - Dartmouth College Admissions Team
  • Mac Galinson - Beverage Distributor in the Bay Area
  • Clayton Howard
  • Lucas James - Graduate Program in Speech Language Pathology in Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Camille Landon 
  • Katie McCabe
  • Joshua Olin 
  • Emily Staffen 
  • Berit Svenson 
  • Craig Wilcox  
  • Jessica Zhang
  • Heavenly Zheng - Medical Scribe and Research Assistant, Dartmouth Hitchcock 
  • Spencer Coker 
  • Ana Equihua Ramirez
  • James King 
  • Tuong Nguyen 
  • Emma Rafkin - Software Engineer, John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
  • Ira Richardson - Graduate Program in Library & Information Science, Ann Arbor, MI
  • James Yeagley 

Class of 2020

  • Adeline Braverman - PhD program in Linguistics, University of Washington
  • Jessica Campanile (Honors) - University of Pennsylvania Medical School
  • Melissa Flamand - MA student in Museum Studies, NYU
  • Dillon Ford - Wayfair, Boston
  • Hilda Friday
  • Ruba Iqbal 
  • Andrea Jenkins
  • Grace Lee
  • Gyan Moorthy - Columbia University, M.S. in Bioethics
  • Michael Robelo - EY-Parthenon, software strategy consulting
  • Sebastian Turner 

Class of 2019

  • Charlene Browne - Teach for America, Baltimore
  • Olivia Estes - Teach for America, North Carolina
  • Annie Furman - Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, pursuing career in theater
  • Sarah Gupta (Honors) - completed Masters program in Computational Linguistics, University of Washington; currently language engineer at Amazon Web Services
  • Alex Kim - Opthamology clinical scribe, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Madeleine Kroot - Directing the Dartmouth Outing Club's Train and Cabin Crew, then post-baccalaureate in the Geography Department
  • Zoe Leonard - Masters program, volleyball player/coach, Northumbria University, Newcastle, England
  • Cy Lippold - Assistant Coach of Women's Basketball at Columbia Univeristy 
  • Patrick Matlin - Game development
  • Emma Mazzuchi - Teaching English in France
  • Arista Ngodinh - Fulbright ETA in South Korea
  • Jebreel Samples - Retail/brand management consulting, New York City
  • Drew Siegel - Paralegal, Boston
  • Isabelle Strong (Honors) - Higher education social impact programming
  • Tara Sweeney - Physics/Astronomy second degree
  • Leah Urbanski - Linguistic work at Sealaska Heritage Institute
  • Dat Vo - Linguistic engineer at Meta, San Francisco Bay area
  • Josh Wende - M.S. in Computer Science, Columbia University
  • Miranda Worl -  Linguistic work at Sealaska Heritage Institute
  • Serena Zhu - Management Development Program for

Class of 2018

  • Anthony Addo - Computational Linguist, San Francisco Bay Area
  • Maggie Baird (Honors) - PhD program in Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Renee Dobrinsky - Teach for America, New York City, later graduate school in speech language pathology
  • Drusilla Falco - Logistics Coordinator at Cottonwood Institute in Denver, Colorado 
  • Shirley Gabber -  PhD candidate in Linguistics at University of Hawai'i, Manoa (language documentation and phonology)
  • Anissa Gladney (Honors) - PhD program in Linguistics, UCLA
  • Emily Grabowski (Honors) - PhD program in Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Emma Howeiler
  • Xander Johnson - University of Kentucky, MA student in Linguistics
  • Danielle Kroll - Medical Student at Columbia University 
  • Jennifer Kuo (Honors) - completed PhD in Linguistics, UCLA 2023; currently Assistant Professor of Linguistics at Cornell University
  • Preeti Rishi - Speech language pathologist (M.S. / CCC-SLP) and current PhD student in Language &Communication Disorders, San Diego State University / UC San Diego
  • Peter Skow
  • Ayana Whitmal - PhD program in Linguistics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Class of 2017

  • Zachary Cooper 
  • Corinne Kasper - PhD program in Linguistics at the University of Chicago
  • Graham Rigby - Field organizer, Democratic Party
  • Ksenia Ryzhova - Straightline International, New York (consulting), then PhD program in History, Princeton University
  • Kimberly Son - analyst, Dow Jones, Manhattan
  • Joshua Warzecha - Fulbright, teaching English in Israel
  • Isaiah Smith

Class of 2016

  • Katherine (Katie) Cohen - Vanderbilt Law School, previously: Peace Corps, Ukraine
  • John Damianos - M.D. program, Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine
  • Alexandra (Veri) di Suvero (Honors) - currently Executive Director of AKPIRG (Alaska Public Interest Group), previously worked on Alaska Native language revitalization programs as an Anchorage Urban Fellow, Municipality of Anchorage
  • Anna Driscoll (Honors) - Research analyst, RSG, Burlington, Vermont
  • Evelyn Fernandez - Stanford University PhD program in Linguistics (MA in Hispanic Linguistics, University of New Mexico)
  • Leslie Fink - Center for Applied Linguistics, Washington DC
  • Andrea (Sandy) Fox - Disney Research Lab, lab associate (computational linguistics), Pittsburgh
  • Anna Gabianelli - D.O.C. First-Year Trips
  • McTavish McArdle - Software Engineer, Narrative Science, Chicago
  • Stephanie Roff - Teach for America, New York City
  • Rebecca Schantz - Recruiting Coordinator, Google, San Francisco Area
  • Grant Schutzman (Honors) - Peace Corps, Africa
  • Kelsey Sipple
  • Reed Sturtevant
  • Zachary Traynor - M.A. program in Education, University of Notre Dame

Class of 2015

  • Jacob Ammon
  • Lily Brown - City Year, New York
  • Chris Carvounis
  • Alexa Dixon (Honors) - Associate, Business Analysis, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Austin, Texas
  • Abbie Kouzmanoff (Psychology & Linguistics Modified with French) -, San Francisco
  • Micayla Oniskey - Premedical Program at Columbia University
  • Ashton Slatev - Epic Systems, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Jacqueline Weiss - PhD program in Neuroscience, UCLA
  • Andrew Zulker - PhD program in Comparative Semitics, University of Chicago

Class of 2014

  • Abigail S. Bard (Honors) - Fulbright program, teaching English in Korea
  • Shani C. Brown (modified with WGST)
  • Cali B. Digre
  • Robert A. Esnard - Capital Group, Los Angeles
  • Mitchell B. Jacobs (Linguistics and English) - Fulbright teaching English in Laos (MFA in Creative Writing, Purdue)
  • Phoebe E. Kurtzman - Client Partner, Decision Sciences, Spotify/Universal McCann, New York City
  • Alison S. Levens - Goldman Sachs, New York City
  • Grace G. McDevitt - Epic Systems, project manager/business analyst, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Matthew V. Melikian (Linguistics and Classics) - Product Operations
  • Sarah M. Rossow
  • Ian B. Stewart (Honors) - Charles River Analytics, Cambridge, Massachusetts; finished Georgia Tech PhD Human-Centered Computer Science program, 2020; Data scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Michael L. T. Sugimura - Georgetown University, Master's program in international relations
  • Anna G. Winham (Linguistics and English)
  • Crystal J. Ye - Teaching English in Poitiers, France


Class of 2013

  • Sarah H. Brim - Stanford University Law School (Teach For America 2013-2015)
  • Chi Shing Chan
  • Stephanie N. DeCross (Linguistics & Psychology)
  • Anup M. Dhamala - MA in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics, Leiden University
  • Sarah E. Dorsey
  • Meriah Horseman
  • Grace H. Kouba - Stanford University Law School, and now Deputy County Counsel at Office of the County Counsel, County of Santa Clara, California
  • Veronique M. Lecocq (Linguistics & Theater) - Marshall Islands Teaching Internship
  • Joel K. Malkin (Linguistics & Classics) - United State Marine Corps
  • Naomi M. Maxson - Xinjiang, China
  • Melanie R. Parnon


Class of 2012

  • Kenneth P. Baclawski Jr (Honors) - completed PhD in Linguistics at University of California, Berkeley; currently language engineer at Amazon/Alexa Smart Home

  • Evan A. Barale

  • Sharang Biswas - Game design, New York City

  • Andrew Bloomgarden (Computer Science and Japanese modified with Linguistics) -  Software Engineer, Google Ads SRE
  • Emily C. Boggs (Linguistics and Biology) - University of Pennsylvania, PhD program in Computer Science
  • Blakeley S. Brown
  • Zachary A. De (Honors) - Social Sciences Research Specialist, Ohio Department of Education
  • Megan A. Faeth - Management Consultant at Gap International, Philadelphia
  • Kayla N. Gebeck (Honors) (Linguistics and Native American Studies) - Policy Analyst at Native American Finance Officers Association, Washington DC
  • Cassidy Griffen (Anthropology modified with Linguistics)
  • Saige Hoaglin
  • Kenneth Lai (Linguistics and Chemistry) - Brandeis University PhD program in Computational Linguistics
  • Justin E. Lashley - formerly Associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP in New York City; currently capital markets lawyer at Sidley Austin in Syndey, Australia
  • Sanja Miklin (Linguistics and Anthropology) - University of Chicago, PhD program in Comparative Human Development
  • Kate B. Miller
  • Ryan E. Milligan (Linguistics and Economics)
  • Daniel Mott (Computer Science modified with Linguistics) - Software Engineer, Garmin International, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Leah R. Nicolich-Henkin - formerly linguist in Amazon's Alexa project, Pittsburgh; completed Masters in Computational Linguistics, Carnegie Mellon University; currently computer vision engineer at Numina
  • Victoria M. Oosterhout
  • Stephanie A. Pignatiello (Linguistics and Psychology)
  • Lukas A. Ruiz (Linguistics and English)
  • Elizabeth E. Salesky (Honors) (Linguistics and Math)
  • Natalie M. Schrimpf (Honors): completed Yale University PhD in Linguistics; currently language engineer at Amazon
  • Nathan A. Severance: University of Oregon PhD program in Linguistics (2014-2015 Dogon Languages Project, field research team, Burkina Faso)
  • Chelsea M. Stewart (Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Studies) - Teach For America, Baltimore
  • Jennifer (Mia) Wiegand (Windhearn) - completed PhD in Linguistics at Cornell University 2021

Class of 2011

  • Lauren A. Glover
  • Sarah M. Harris - PhD program in German, University of California, Berkeley
  • Laurence A. Kenny IV - Match Education, Lawrence, Massachusetts
  • Natalie E. Lyon
  • John (Jack) Merrill (Honors) - Completed University of California, Berkeley, PhD in Linguistics; currently Lecturer, Princeton University Linguistics Department
  • Rishi Sethi - Pontiflex, New York City, Mobile Business Development Associate
  • Jillian R. Tetirick - Georgetown University, graduate program in Russian and Eastern European Studies
  • Emily J. Ulrich - King's College, London, graduate program in Medieval Studies
  • Marcella A. Vieraitis
  • Nacole R. Walker - Tribal Education Coordinator, Standing Rock Tribe and Sitting Bull College, North Dakota. Also involved in development of Lakhota language immersion schools:
  • Aspen R. Wilson

Class of 2010

  • Sara C. Brennan - PhD program in Sociolinguistics, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland (2013 Master's degree in Linguistics, Université Lumière Lyon 2)
  • Kelsey A. Byrne - Morgan Stanley, New York City
  • Catherine E. Conneally
  • Jacquelyn de la Torre Hart - (Linguistics and French) - Data Management & Curation Librarian, U.S. Department of Transportation, Washington, DC; Master's degree in Library and Information Science
  • Jessica D. Griffen - Manager, Moosilauke Ravine Lodge
  • Andrew M. Guinan - Government Investigator, City of New York
  • Cindy Guo - Peace Corps, Burkina Faso
  • Brian D. Howe (Linguistics and Classics) – University of Michigan Law School
  • Benjamin F. T. Jones
  • Thomas A. Leddy-Cecere - Faculty in Sociolinguistics, Bennington College (previously: University of Texas, Austin, PhD in Arabic Linguistics)
  • Lee M. Lefkowitz - completed UCLA PhD in Linguistics; currently Principal Engineer, IBM Watson Orders conversational AI division, San Francisco
  • Amanda M. Lewis - Graduate program at Washington University Olin Business School
  • Samantha A. Mandel
  • Natalie R. Stoll

Class of 2009

  • Christina Castedo (Honors) - Wilkie, Farr & Gallagher LLP, New York City
  • Donna Dei-Baning (Linguistics & English) - Integrated Marketing Communications Manager for Graduate NYC, Brooklyn, New York. Master's degree program at CUNY (Branding and Integrated Communications)
  • Kayla (Eisman) Palakurthy - Visiting Assistant Professor of Linguistics, San Francisco State University (PhD Linguistics 2019, University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Mark J. Harris - Bassett Track at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, class of 2014
  • Lauren J. Hartz - Sanford Heisler Kimpel, LLP in Washington, DC (Yale Law School, J.D. 2014)
  • Katherine Hilton (Minor in Linguistics) - completed PhD in Linguistics at Stanford; currently Lecturer in Linguistics, Stanford University
  • Lora Johns
  • Karen J. Laakko
  • Jessica K. LaBrie
  • Sarah E. Lawson - Second Grade Teacher at Success Preparatory Academy (NSNO), Corps Member at Teach for America
  • Darcy E. Rose - PhD in Linguistics, University of Canterbury, New Zealand, 2017; currently Lead consultant, Canidium, Fort Collins, Colorado.
  • Joanna Rosenberg
  • Ariel D. Weber
  • Zhiliang Zhang - JD program at Harvard Law School

Class of 2008

  • Caleb A. D. Ballou (Linguistics & English)
  • Meeka M. Droese - Associate at Solar Power Partners
  • Meredith J. Druss (Linguistics Modified with Psychology)
  • Ada E. Graham - Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator, Neurology, University of California, Irvine
  • Renee T. Grounds - Lead Instructor at the Euchee (Yuchi) Language Project, Sapulpa, Oklahoma
  • Tien M. Ha-Ngoc
  • Andrea B. Palmer - Teacher in New York at the Uncommon School
  • Rebekah S. Sagredo (Linguistics & Italian)
  • Amado T. Sainz (Linguistics & Cognitive Science)
  • Peter C. Seel - University of Pennsylvania Law School
  • Kristin A. Vallacher - Fitness trainer, fitness studio owner, West Hollywood, California
  • Kevin R. Walker - Graduate program in Computer Science at Dartmouth
  • Nicholas J. Williams (Honors) - completed Ph.D. in Linguistics at University of Colorado

Class of 2007

  • Terry L. Berry (Linguistics & Native American Studies)
  • Ari Bezman - Product Manager, Google
  • George Leung
  • Robert Manning
  • Nancy Zhao (Modified with Spanish)

Class of 2006

  • Ernest H. Brooks - University of Michigan graduate program in Mathematics
  • Sonia R. Bojanowska-Cantor (Linguistics & Russian)
  • Don R. Daniels (Honors) - Assistant Professor of Linguistics, University of Oregon (previously: Australian National University post-doctoral fellowship; 2015 PhD in Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara)
  • Sandra S. Eun
  • Hannah M. Gelman - University of Illinois graduate program in Physics
  • David R. Present-Thomas
  • Alexis J. Silvertsen (Modified with German)
  • Andrea M. Smith
  • Wayne Tan - Linguistics (Modified with Russian) – Assistant Professor of History, Hope College (PhD, Harvard)
  • Anais A. Wheeler (Linguistics & Classics) - Acquisitions Editor at Focal Press

Class of 2005

  • Scott (Anderson) AnderBois - PhD in Linguistics UC Santa Cruz 2011; currently Associate Professor of Linguistics at Brown University
  • Ashley P. Barton (Modified with French)
  • Lindsey A. Beck (Linguistics & Psychology and Brain Science, Honors)
  • Alexandra L. Bevernick (Ballard) - University of North Carolina, graduate program in Speech Sciences
  • Carl N. E. Burnett - US Olympic ski team
  • Lorraine Ferron
  • Erin (Hatfield) Jordan
  • Jonathan C. Hendrix (Linguistics & History)
  • Emily R. Hess - Therapeutic Riding Instructor at Special Equestrians in Birmingham Alabama
  • Lauren (Hoehlein) Joseph
  • Garrett A. Holmes
  • Elizabeth W. Norton (Psychology and Brain Science modified with Linguistics, High Honors); assistant professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Northwestern University
  • Elizabeth W. Vaughan


Class of 2004

  • Jesse R. Beach - Senior Frontend Engineer, Acquia
  • Alexis D. Dearborn
  • Rachael L. Degenshein - PhD Psychology, UC San Diego
  • Anthony M. De Saccia (Modified with Japanese)
  • Rikker Dockum - Completed PhD in Linguistics at Yale University; currently Lecturer in Linguistics, Swarthmore College
  • Fawn T. Drauker (Modified with Psychology and Brian Science)
  • Elsbeth R. Drews
  • Kristen R. A. Foery
  • Elizabeth E. Gannes - Senior Editor of "All Things Digital"
  • Joanna E. Giordano
  • Peter S.E. Jenks - completed PhD in Linguistics at Harvard; currently Associate Professor of Linguistics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Brian C. Orce
  • Christopher J. Plehal
  • Nicholas O. Rule - completed PhD in Linguistics, Tufts University; currently Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto
  • Lauren (Ware) Groves - Office manager, CCEF New England


Class of 2003

  • Melanie J. Fox
  • Hannah Haynie - Assistant Professor of Linguistics at University of Colorado Boulder

Class of 2002

  • Lora B. Bolton
  • Jennifer Conrad Bouton - Homemaker
  • Kristen (Hassert) Guill
  • Elyse M. Krantz - Senior Manager, Educational Consulting at College Coach
  • Steven M. Lulich - PhD in Speech & Hearing Bioscience & Technology, MIT. Current position: Assistant Professor of Speech & Hearing Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington
  • Tori A. Miner
  • Stephen M. Simms - Owner, Technically Sound
  • Tara (Wharton) Megill - Living in West Africa, working as a homeschooling homemaker (husband Matthew Megill '00 is a physician)

Class of 2001

  • Aaron A. Akamu
  • Sarah Craft (Italian modified with Linguistics)
  • Susan E. Crangle
  • Michael L. Friesner (Linguistics/Romance Languages) - PhD in Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania; Georgetown University MBA; currently University of Toronto French Department, Associate Chair, Undergraduate/Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
  • Denise L. McBeth
  • Laura E. Vacca

Class of 2000

  • Lori A. McMullen
  • Aviva R. Moss - PhD student in Communication Science and Disorders, NYU
  • Jennifer R. Nycz - Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Georgetown University
  • Amy E. Pogoriler

Class of 1999

  •     Danica C. Lo - Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor at
  •     Sharon A. Stanley (Linguistics & Government)
  •     Cynthia (Anderson) Hansen - PhD Linguistics, University of Texas, Austin.
  •     Current position: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Grinnell College


Class of 1998

  • Kirsten E. Henschel
  • Meylysa J. Tseng

Class of 1997

  • Alexis M. Sainz (Linguistics & Women's Studies)

Class of 1996

  • Elizabeth E. Cain
  • Lisa J. Conathan - PhD in Linguistics, UC Berkeley. Current position: Archivist for Yale University Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library
  • Justin S. Cooper - Partner at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe Law
  • Bridget Canniff Fellini (Linguistics & Russian) - Project Director, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
  • Katherine M. Forbes-Riley
  • Michael J. Fromberger - Software Engineer, Google
  • Devyani Sharma - PhD Linguistics, Stanford University, Professor and Chair of Linguistics, Queen Mary University of London
  • Melissa J. Taylor (Linguistics & Psychology)

Class of 1994

  • Brian S. Greenberg (Linguistics & English)
  • Amy S. Naparstek

Class of 1992

  • Christopher D. Sciglitano (Linguistics)

Class of 1991

  • Chris Kennedy - Completed PhD in Linguistics, UC Santa Cruz; currently Professor and Chair of Linguistics Department, University of Chicago

Class of 1989

Naomi G. Nagy (Linguistics & French) - PhD in Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania. Current position: Professor of Linguistics, University of Toronto

Class of 1982

  • Audrey S. Freuberg (Linguistics & Spanish)

Class of 1979

  • Martha E. Pollack (Linguistics) - President of Cornell University

Class of 1978

  • Jane Lowenstein Mairs (Linguistics) - Director of English Language Learning Publishing at Merriam Webster

Class of 1977

  • Edith Berman Ullman (Linguistics & Psychology)

Class of 1969

  • John V. Singler (History) - completed PhD in Linguistics, UCLA; currently Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, NYU

Class of 1962

Ray Dougherty (Engineering) - completed PhD in Linguistics at MIT; currently Professor Emeritus of Linguistics, NYU