The Linguistics Program is now located in Anonymous Hall!

Come visit Dartmouth Linguistics in our brand-new location at the north end of campus! Linguistics faculty now have their offices in the 2nd floor of the newly renovated Anonymous Hall (64 College Street). The building is just north of the McLaughlin cluster and south of the Life Sciences Center. Courses in Linguistics will carry on as usual. Linguistics offices are listed as follows:

210: Linguistics Lab

211: Dr. Monica Nesbitt (Society of Fellows post-doc)

212: Prof. Laura McPherson

213: Prof. Lindsay Whaley

214: Prof. Christiane Donahue

215: Prof. Rolando Coto-Solano

216: Prof. Tim Pulju

217: Prof. David Peterson

218: Prof. James Stanford (chair)

219: Prof. Samantha Wray

220: Linguistics conference room

221: Britny Town (administrator)