Alumni Update From Kalina Newmark '11

Kalina Newmark '11 recently sent us an update: 

After graduating from Dartmouth, I found my academic work with Linguistics very helpful. In particular, I've found my work in Sociolinguistics (the study of language in relation to social factors, including differences of regional, class, and occupational dialect, gender differences, and bilingualism) to be the most helpful in interacting and communicating with people. I understand that language dialects, social norms, and behaviors are extremely important to relating to others and establishing a respectful relationship. Although I don't speak my Native language, learning Linguistics has helped me understand the Slavey language in a way that I wouldn't have understood without Linguistics. For example, how Slavey is constructed, how words are used, how the English language lacks translations for Slavey words/phrases, etc.

I am about to start a new position at Cargill Foodservice North America (CFNA), where I will work on a variety of business projects, including but not limited to the Annual Operating Plan, sales meeting execution, market insights, customer presentations, and internal communications. I will work with the finance lead, marketing manager, and sales leaders, and internally with other Cargill business units.