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  • Video Highlight: Timothy Pulju's TEDx Talk

    In a hilarious exploration of modern language and its consistencies - and inconsistencies- Senior Lecturer in Classics and Linguistics Timothy Pulju shows the "Uncanny Science of Linguistic Reconstruction" and raises a dead language right before our eyes.

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  • Where can we find a morpheme for ourselves?

    Egophoric systems with binary indexing distinctions have been described for a number of languages of Northwest China’s Amdo Sprachbund. Lecture by Keith Slater, SIL, Univ. of South Dakota, Thurs. Feb. 22, 2018, Reed 108 @ 4:45 pm, free and open to the public.

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  • When Grammaticalization Is Seen and Not Heard!

    Signed languages provide a fascinating view of grammaticalization: the process of language change in which words or phrases take on new grammatical functions. Lecturer: Kate Mesh, University of Haifa, Israel, Wed. 2-7-18, 12:15 pm, Rockefeller Class of 1930's room

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  • The Urgency of Language Documentation

    Before the turn of the next century, more than half of India’s 780 languages may die out. Dartmouth Linguistics Professor Laura McPherson discusses the challenge of dying languages in an article in the Los Angeles Review of Books.

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  • 1st Place Winner of the Neukom Prize 2017

    Linguistics major Emily Grabowski '18 is the 1st place winner of the Neukom Prize for Outstanding Undergraduate Research in Computational Science for 2017. Emily received this award for her computational work on Prof. Laura McPherson's ATLAS project.

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  • Fifteen Students and Alumni Offered Fulbrights

    Fifteen students and alumni have been offered Fulbright scholarships this year—the largest class of Dartmouth Fulbrights since 2014, according to Jessica Smolin, assistant dean for scholarship advising. Please congratulate Evelyn Fernandez-Lizarraga '16 and Joshua Warzecha '17.

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Recent Publications

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  • On Kuki-Chin subgrouping

    David A. Peterson

    In Picus Sizhi Ding and Jamin Pelkey, eds. Sociohistorical linguistics in Southeast Asia

  • Multiple feature affixation in Seenku plural formation

    Laura McPherson

    Morphology 27.2: 217-252

  • Modification of stative predicates

    Thomas Ernst

    Language 92.2

  • A call for more diverse sources of data: Variationist approaches in non-English contexts

    James N. Stanford

    Journal of Sociolinguistics 20.4, Special issue commemorating 50 years since Labov (1966)