Laura McPherson

Selected Publications

McPherson, Laura and Bruce Hayes. In Press. Relating application frequency to morphological distance: the case of Tommo So vowel harmony. Phonology 33.1.

McPherson, Laura and Jeffrey Heath. 2015. Phrasal grammatical tone in the Dogon languages: the role of constraint interaction. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory. DOI 10.1007/s11049-015-9309-5.

McPherson, Laura. 2013. A Grammar of Tommo So. Mouton Grammar Library 62. Berlin: De Gruyter.

Heath, Jeffrey and Laura McPherson. Tonosyntax and reference restriction in Dogon NPs. Language 89.2: 265-296.

McPherson, Laura. 2013. The structural origins of tonal overlays in Tommo So (Dogon) compounds. Journal of West African Languages 40.1.