David A. Peterson

Selected Publications

On Kuki-Chin subgrouping. In Picus Sizhi Ding and Jamin Pelkey, eds. Sociohistorical linguistics in Southeast Asia: New horizons for Tibeto-Burman studies in honor of David Bradley, 189-209. Leiden: Brill. (2017)

Language typology and historical contingency. Edited by Balthasar Bickel, Lenore A. Grenoble, David A. Peterson and Alan Timberlake. John Benjamins. (2013)

Rengmitca: The most endangered Kuki-Chin language of Bangladesh. In Nathan W. Hill and Thomas Owen-Smith, eds. Trans-Himalayan linguistics: Historical and descriptive linguistics of the Himalayan area, 313-327. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. (2013)

Core participant marking in Khumi. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman area 34.2:73-100. (2011)

Khumi elaborate expressions. Himalayan linguistics 9.1:1-20 (2010)

Bangladesh Khumi verbal classifiers and Kuki-Chin chiming. Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman area 31.1:109-138. (2008)

Applicative constructions. Oxford University Press. (2007)

Agreement and grammatical relations in Hyow. In David Bradley, Randy LaPolla, Boyd Michailovsky, and Graham Thurgood, eds. Language variation: Papers on variation and change in the Sinosphere and in the Indosphere in honour of James A. Matisoff, 173-183. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics/ANU. (2003)

Hakha Lai. In Graham Thurgood and Randy J. LaPolla, eds. The Sino-Tibetan Languages, 409-426. London: Routledge. (2003)

On Khumi pronominal agreement morphology. Berkeley Linguistics Society (Special Session) 28:99-110 (submitted 2002, published 2006

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Works in Progress

comparative grammar of Kuki-Chin languages, reference grammars of Khumi and Mru, documentation of Rengmitca