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  • Greater Recognition of Africa’s Invisible Female Entrepreneurs Needed

    by Laura McPherson May 4, 2017

    Last month the Google doodle honored Esther Afua Ocloo, one of Ghana’s most successful entrepreneurs and an early advocate for women’s microfinance, on what would have been her 98th birthday.
    Never heard of her? You’re not the only one.
    Africa, which boasts some of the richest...

  • Evelyn Fernandez-Lizarraga ’16
    San Diego, Calif.
    Linguistics and comparative literature double major
    English teaching assistant grant, South Korea

    “My Dartmouth experience centered on studying language in all its contexts: from literature to linguistics, in culture and society—through my Spanish foreign study program in Argentina; my Spanish sociolinguistics project analyzing the relationship between family, language, and identity through the...

  • Raffaella Zanuttini, Yale University
    Tuesday, April 18, 2017, 4:45 pm, Haldeman 041

    It is well-known that American English exhibits variation in the phonological system and in the lexicon. Scholars have
    been studying this type of variation extensively for several decades, and most speakers can easily think of different
    intonational patterns, pronunciations, or different words for the same item used in different parts of the country.

  • Prof. Laura McPherson has been awared a 3-year NSF grant to study Seenku, an endangered language of West Africa


    A reference grammar and tonal documentation of Seenku, an endangered Mande language

    Over half of the world's estimated 7,000 languages are tonal, and most are spoken by small populations, threatened by globalization and changing socioeconomic landscapes. This project will advance scientific understanding of tone and tonal languages more...

  • “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We’ve all heard this. From a young age we are taught not to judge something or someone based simply of what we see. We are taught that things are not always as they seem and that sometimes the most boring and inconspicuous “covers” are doors into the very best books. But does this same rule apply to what we hear? Our use of language plays an important role in how we are perceived. It can indicate our education level or social class and give insight to where...

  • 2017 Neukom CompX Faculty Grants   

    • Michael Whitfield (Geisel School of Medicine): Characterizing the T Cell Receptor Repertoire in Patients with Systemic Sclerosis       
    • Zi Chen (Thayer School of Engineering): Computational Systems for Geometric Design of Origami Structures       
    •  Xing-Dong Yang (Computer Science): One-Handed Text Entry on a Smartwatch using Wrist Gestures                    
    • *Laura McPherson (Linguistics): Developing...
  • Dartmouth linguistics alum Nick Williams '07 has been awarded a 3-year post-doctoral fellowship to work on the NSF project titled "Grammar and multilingual practices through the lens of everyday interaction in two endangered languages in the East Tukano family" (Kristine S. Stenzel and Barbara A. Fox, co-PIs). He will be conducting research in the Amazon on two understudied languages, Kotiria and Wa'ikhana.

  • Welcome Neukom Postdoctoral Fellow:

    Dr. Hilaria Cruz -- I am a field linguist and a native speaker of San Juan Quiahije Chatino (SJQ), an endangered Zapotecan language spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico. I received my PhD in Linguistics from the University of Texas at Austin. My research project is entitled “Chatino, from Oral to Written to Digital: Using Technology to Expedite Transcription, Annotation, and Translation of the Chatino Language.” My work as a Neukom Fellow will create a speech...

  • Thursday, 3-2-17, Reed 108, 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm, The Evolution of Language
    Friday, 3-3-17, Reed 108, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm, The Coming Revolution in Cognitive Science

    Dr. Sydney Lamb, Rice University

    Sydney Lamb, a native of Denver, Colorado, graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in Economics and earned his Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of California, Berkeley, where his dissertation was a description...

  • Dartmouth Linguistics alum Kalina Newmark '11 was interviewed by Yukon CBC radio about her involvement in a National Science Foundation grant on Native American English. The NSF grant project began at Dartmouth when Kalina was a sophomore. Kalina and another student, Nacole Walker '11, conducted a research project during LING 17...